Sunday, 11 September 2011

These days, sometimes my memory isn't that great lol, but I remember 11th September 2001 like it was yesterday. Although I didn't know it I already had CML, so was really tired all the time plus had a very full-on stressful job, so I usually slept in late in the mornings. I can vividly remember my neighbour banging on the door and bursting in, and turning on our TV, all the time babbling "You won't believe what's happened! I can't believe you haven't got the tv on". When I recovered from the onslaught of her arrival I turned my attention to the story unfolding on the screen in front of me, and it was like the world as we knew it changed forever! How could this be happening? So many unanswered questions spinning around that room. We were still sitting there about two hours later as incredulous as earlier, unable to believe what we were seeing, so much destruction, chaos and despair. The following days / months were spent trying to understand in some tiny way the "whys" and "hows".
I still don't understand it, how could you really? But then so much happens that we don't understand, but today my thoughts are with all those who were effected by this terrible tragedy and that one day the world will really be a better, safer place.

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topkatnz said...

I remember feeling so worried that this was going to be the beginning of another world war!