Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A Winning Day...

Well yesterday turned into a huge buzz. Had to go into work for a meeting with the couple who are getting married on Saturday, had arranged a meeting with a prospective bride and her Mum for an hour before,.... ( nothing like time management). However the prospective bride turned into a confirmed booking for 100, the meeting with the bride for Saturday was ...um ah interesting, (going to be a nervous day on Saturday) and while I was there there was a cold call from a girl interested in wedding info and by the end of the conversation she'd confirmed a booking and is coming to see me tomorrow!!!!
Needless to say I left on somewhat of a high!
Wedding business  is very important to our hotel, we have a very good restaurant but as is normal, most house-guests prefer to go into town to explore so weddings and functions are a big deal.
Lately I have been feeling a bit bogged down in the nuts and bolts of the job, getting annoyed with the complacency of most of the staff and the nit-picky stuff. But to have an afternoon of the sweet taste of success and achievement was just what the doctor ordered... oh and on that subject I saw my specialist having an afternoon off in town with his adorable children, they were sooo gorgeous. Nice to see people with such serious jobs enjoying the "little stuff".

Anyway today really is a day off and I'm going to make the most of it, I'm off to ensconce myself in my room and play...there will be photos. :)
Hope that wind doesn't get as bad as they've promised could be scary.

P.S. For any local readers you should pop over to the Artful Crafts blog and read their report of CHA, one of their very talented ladies is over there and sending back some awesome photos, hoping to get Artful Crafts while I'm on holiday in Moeraki, it's not too far from there.

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