Thursday, 19 April 2012

Yah for the Internet!

Have no idea why but the internet has been coming and going here at home for weeks. But tonight after buying a new cord and then going back to the old one, we have stable internet again. !!!! Go figure!!! But I don't care it's baaaack. :)
Anyway been a busy weekend with the Wedding Show on Sunday, which our hotel took part in , and now on countdown to Scrap Camp next Thursday...sheesh it's come around fast! I can't wait but trying to focus on what I need to pack, what photos I want, etc etc is making my head spin.
But I'm sure I'll get there in the end.
My sister and her family were down last week and it was wonderful to catch up, my sister, niece and I had a scrap night, well we made cards actually, but same difference, we were all three around the table. Such a treasured memory cos it doesn't happen often with my sister in Christchurch and my niece in Oz, so it was special.
Today I had so many plans but somehow the day got away on me and I've not achieved any of them..... but at least the Internet's working again so that's something.

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mandyb said...

YAH for the internet annoying not to have a stable source!!!

as for scrap camp...i just got back from was amazing....
scrap camp is so much fun....anywhere!!!! have fun!!!