Friday, 1 June 2012

First of June, first day of winter...

and boy it is icy out there. I can't believe it is the first day of June, it seems no time since Christmas. And of course the first day of June brings our first official day of winter, and boy it's icy out there this morning. Already on the radio they are talking about cars sliding on the hills and having just been out there I can understand how that could happen.
Anyway, a long weekend, well not for me, I have a wedding at work tomorrow, and I think it's going to be a stunner, everything's organised, the bride's really chilled out and organised and we have ticked all the boxes so let the party begin, oh yeah and the bridal couple are going to be welcomed into the restaurant by a Haka! So, note to self, take tissues. I have no control over my emotions whenever I see a Haka, be it on tv, at a rugby game or least of all, right in front of me. Gonna be a gorgeous night!
Apart from that today I want to get a bit of card-making in before I go to work, I now have Faye colouring Tildas for me ready to put the cards together, so I have a continuous supply. Really going to have to get on to organising these boxes 'cos I really want to approach a couple of shops about possibly selling my cards, I love making them and as well as donating some to a charity to sell I'd love to make a wee business with them...(planning my retirement Lol).
So to those who are celebrating a long weekend ENJOY!
As for me, I'm off to start my day.

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mandyb said...

ohhhhhh that wedding with the haka sounds fun!!!
hope it went welL!!!

enjoy the long weekend!!!