Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Well winter's

definitely here, we've had huge frosts and there has been snow but nothing too intense yet.
I'm in total awe of my friends who have gone to Australia to attend Tim Holtz's classes, wow I would have loved to do that but just didn't have the time to save up but I'm thrilled for them that they are there, have been and have had a wonderful time.
Had Scrap Sunday with some awesome friends on Sunday and managed to make a couple of cards in between all the eating, laughing and celebrating Carol's birthday. It was an awesome day and I was so glad to be there considering I had got a message at 1.30am to say the Breakfast waitress had ended up in E.D. and couldn't make it. wow I was beyond mad when I had to then set my alarm for 5.15, yep that makes less than 4hrs sleep. I'd finished work at 11pm and hadn't rushed to go to bed, I'd packed my stuff quite leisurely and just gotten into bed when my cell phone went. : Note to self : TURN IT OFF AT NIGHT!  I don't like doing that though because sometimes my niece in OZ gets her timing muddled and tests me early in the morning and I love her texts, So anyway I still got to my Scrap Day by 11am so all was not lost.
So I have a bit of time before work so I think I might waste it with some paper, stamps and glue,

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