Tuesday, 31 July 2012

An absolute luxury....

What a cure for the winter blues! Tired of being at home watching the rain, {my day off}, I packed me and my laptop up and came down town to a cafe and here I am with a gorgeous flat white and my beautiful Zenbook!!!! Total heaven.
It astounds me how far things have come in my lifetime, and I love and appreciate all of it.
I am exhausted today because I stayed up way too late watching the pieces of the Olympics that I'd recorded and I'm determined to stop doing that.....well for now anyway lol!
I'm kicking myself because I had a card I wanted to post today and I've left it behind, see sleep deprived brain. Just as well I'm not at work I could wreck all kind of havoc!!!!!!
Speaking of work, Sunday night we have 130 for dinner spread over the restaurant and a function room......glad I'm not cooking. The logistics and planning of the front of house are interesting enough without cooking all that food. But I'm not thinking about that today, I'm going to pack up and walk down to the supermarket and get Gussie something yummy for his tea.

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