Thursday, 30 August 2012

Nearly Spring..

we made it through another winter, it wasn't that bad really by comparison and this is proving to be a really gorgeous change of seasons.
In my last post I mentioned about the battle with high cholesterol that I'm having and now another blow!!!! I've just discovered that one of the worst things for high cholesterol levels is........COFFEE!
This is been proven, the only relatively safe option is filtered coffee! Now I love my Maccona but my favourite is Expresso from a coffee shop and I do indulge quite often so this could answer some questions for me.....anyone got any teas they'd like to recommend? Never mind there are worse things in life than not being able to drink coffee.
I still haven't had the urge to play with any paper,  stamps or associated items and it's been a few weeks now, it's so crazy, it's my niece's birthday and Saturday and I can't even get motivated to make her a card!!!! This is crazy but at the moment I've been knitting baby clothes and plan on dropping them off to Pregnancy Help or similar organisation, I have become so aware of the gaps in this country between those who have and those who have not and I really want to do something to help, however small.
It's been sickening to listen to some of the politicians lately denying the crisis there is amongst the lower earners in this country, it's heartbreaking to think that this country used to pride it'self on it's social policies, not any more.
Somehow they have to realise that we do  not all share their luxurious lifestyle..... right soap box back under the sink, I'm off to get a coffee.......ah cup of tea.    :)

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