Monday, 20 August 2012

Yukky Day....

here today cold raining and miserable. And I feel miserable, I've got a much for getting a flue shot!
Anyway I've been summoned to see my GP, apparently my Cholesterol levels are through the roof! I was on Lipitor but took myself off it when it began affecting my memory and that was scary, however so is the thought of having a heart attack so I guess I'm back to the drawing board, I guess I thought losing 15kgs would be the answer but sadly I've been proven wrong, damn I hate being wrong.
Anyway to more interesting things, is anyone else missing the Olympics? It became my late night entertainment after work and now I'm having withdrawals. Although now I'm kind of hooked on "My Kitchen Rules", don't ask me why I see enough "kitchen stress" at work. Speaking of which, the new style restaurant has been a big hit, great feedback over the weekend, Saturday night very busy, which is great to see, so if you are in Dunedin pop in to Cargill's Hotel on George street and try Willie Cargill's for yourself. And remember we cater for kids, with their own menu and playroom complete with a Dvd player and soccer game as well as a toybox for the "littlies", books and puzzle books, you'll be guaranteed a peaceful dining experience.
I just looked down at Gus, and he looks as brassed off about the weather as I am, stretched out on the floor with a downcast look on his face, poor baby, he loves the sun.
Well enough rambling, better go and do something productive......well at least some housework.

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mandyb said...

oh no about the cold and GP visit...hope it all gets sorted and you feel better soon!!!

and roll on summer for sure!!!