Friday, 31 August 2012

Sitting in a cafe....

downtown where I normally drink coffee and this morning I'm drinking the most gorgeous Spiced Berry Tea. Coffee? Who needs coffee, well this morning I don't.
I have made a decision to really try and get my Cholesterol levels down and now that I've discovered how bad coffee is in this department I'm definitely going to try and not drink as much.
I have been checking some blogs while I'm drinking my tea and the inspiration on this blog has made me want to go home and finish painting my room, but I'm not able to move the furniture on my own so I'll have to be patient, but what to do when I get home, I'm feeling very creative at the moment and I don't want to waste it.

So on a serious note, Parliament voted to keep the drinking age at 18 last night, I find this very sad indeed. You only have to be around the city at night to see the incredible damage this has done, and oh yes the bar owners claim that they are better drinking in the bars than at home, but you only have to see the carnage as they tip out of these bars and make their way home to know this is a fallacy.
Of course I know they drink a large amount before they go out, known as pre-loading, but in that case don't let them in to the bars to begin with.
So nothing changes, somehow we have to educate this generation that the damage they do to them selves now will be with them forever.
OK, soap box going back in the corner!

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mandyb said...

yeah sadly they are only part of the problem....some adults need to be taught a few lessons too...supplying them with it, selling it to them...and drinking and driving themselves....quite sad really!!!
enjoy that tea,....sounds nice!!!