Saturday, 29 September 2012

An Interesting Week.

Well this week has certainly not been boring, not entirely fun either but I’ve learnt a lot, like I’m not as 10ft tall and bullet proof as I thought I was, amongst other things.

It all began last Friday morning when after a stressful night at work, I woke feeling exhausted and very puffy.The puffy thing has been happening a bit lately and I can control it with drinking water and counting to ten, but this was not responding like normal. I rang one of my best friends and she insisted I see a doctor, so too scared to argue, I rang my GP but he was fully booked and suggested I should get myself down to E.D, well I thought this was gross over-reaction but when my friend agreed, quite strongly, I called a taxi.

Once there, I was seen quite quickly, (bad sign) and yes I ended up spending the day having all the relevant tests and answering millions of questions.

By 5p.m they decided it was ok to let me leave, armed with pills and instructions to take it easy and an appointment for more tests last Tuesday I was released feeling I must admit better than I usually do.

So the weekend I took it easy as instructed, and Tuesday morning at the crack of dawn I reported to the hospital for an Angiogram. I knew nothing about this test apart from what they told me at A&E, a wire is inserted through your wrist, makes it’s way to your heart and takes pictures….mmmmm was a bit concerned about this.

Finally I was in theatre being readied for the procedure, I definitely scored here as I was being looked after by one of New Zealand’s top Heart surgeons, and I used to work with his son, so I felt like I was amongst friends lol!

A weird experience this test, it feels really funny having a foreign object working it’s way up your arm. You are given injections to numb the area but it still feels funny, kept making my knees jump! Yeah like I say weird, anyway all went well until they tried to take it out and then man it hurt, had to give me more drugs, youch that bit was painful.

However I soon found myself back in the ward waiting for the results.

A Testing Day!terrible photo, but I guess it captures the moment.

Gosh they look after you well down there, three of us in the ward and a doctor in there working on the computer but keeping an eye on us the whole time, plus a fabulous nurse who looked after us so well, he was just lovely. Nothing was any trouble and he had a great sense of humour.

Finally the surgeon came with the results, maybe not the best, it is in fact Angina, in some cases they can insert a stent to open the arteries, but in my case that’s not an option, because mine are quite fine, so it’s down to very healthy eating and trying to exercise, and of course reducing stress……ah really lol!

But I have decided this is not impossible, I just have to step back and remind myself for the second time in my life, that you must focus on the good stuff and let the bad stuff go, you can’t control everything and you can’t fix everything but you can sure as hell enjoy the good bits.

So back to the good bits, I have been enjoying knitting baby clothes, some for a friend of mine, who is going to be a Grandma twice in the New Year, and some I’ve dropped off at the maternity ward of our local hospital, I was so impressed, they sent me a lovely thank-you letter, which was totally not necessary but definitely appreciated.

So that’s my update, no scrapping or card making, I still go and look wistfully at my stuff but at the moment it’s easier to sit on the couch and knit, oh and Gus loves the company.


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mandyb said...

oh Liddy i am sorry to hear this!!!
take care and i hope your health gets sorted soon!!!
take care xxxx