Monday, 1 October 2012

A Gorgeous Spring Day

here today, and I’m definitely full of ideas of what I want to do. Been looking at knitting patterns on-line and I’m keen to be productive today. Maybe not terribly energetic but definitely productive, and this is a good thing I think. After the last few days of feeling a bit fragile and precious, today I want to do something productive and enjoy it, so yah!
I have been using my “sit on the couch time” to make some baby clothes, some I’ve ear-marked for a friend who has two daughters both pregnant at the moment, and some I’ve dropped off at Queen Mary, our local maternity hospital.
I have become aware lately that sometimes Mum’s are totally unprepared when they arrive to have their babies,and sometimes they are just not in the position to be prepared, so I love knitting and crochet and what better way to help and keep myself motivated than to make some wee bits and pieces.
While I have been drooling over some of these on-line pattern sites, I have discovered some gorgeous knitted bears which I’m definitely tempted by, so I’m still on “couch-time” this week so am very tempted to try a couple of these. Oh dear I may have started another obsession!!!!!!!
Watch this space. Smile

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mandyb said...

good on ya
i am sure they will truly appreciate it!!

btw the font on this post is quite small.....even tricky for my eyes~~~ lol