Sunday, 12 August 2012

Well in my last post I said how having my beautiful net-book had me exploring the world, well somehow reading New York fashion magazines has had an effect on me this week, I bought this Tshirt at Warehouse on Friday with this gorgeous New York graphic on it.

And early in the week when I decided it was time to redo the colour in my hair, I went for this very dramatic black!
I wear black most of the time so it just fitted somehow, now I can just add colour as an accent. I definitely feel the New York vibe has rubbed off on me this week lol!
However today was Scrap Sunday and as always it was a fabulous day, not just for the scrapping, but a peaceful time spent discussing life, laughs and trials with friends. I really treasure these day, thanks girls.
So another week starts tomorrow, here's hoping it will be a good one, stress free and productive.
Happy Sunday everyone.

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mandyb said...

ohhhhhhhh love the new hair!!! and the sound of your sunday!!!

and cute piccy of GUS