Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Feel like I’m Back!

I’m back addicted to making cards, and what’s more I’m aware how much it’s helping me to get back on track. I’m just loving losing myself in paper, stamps and creativity. As a bonus I’m listing them on Trade-me and have sold three in two days. Not huge I know but it’s doing wonders for me. It’s a real buzz when people let me know how much they love them. So I guess I’m proving to myself yet again that creativity does wonders for your soul.


Wish I did this one last night and I just love this wee stamp, it’s one of the ones I got from Elena’s shop the other day, how cute is she? And I just love those wee stars, I got them one day in Warehouse, must look for some more.

2012-11-13 22.47.49Did this one tonight, I kinda copied it from the latest Magnolia magazine but very thrilled with it. I love the idea of the twisted lace along the bottom. I’m going to decorate the middle but had to stop cos Gus wanted to sit on my knee, he’s really clingy at the moment. Don’t know how he’s going to cope when I go back to work full time.

Anyway it’s time to go to bed, I’m back to looking forward to what I’m going to do tomorrow, and tomorrow it’s going to be more cards lol!!!.

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mandyb said...

go you!!