Wednesday, 12 December 2012

An Interesting Week.

Well so far it’s been an interesting week, I’m still having trouble re-establishing myself at work and convincing people that I’m not at risk of collapsing on the floor, and that’s depressing. I find myself making a list and checking them twice because I’m so paranoid about making a mistake, but in my “happy place” my card business I’m having  a ball. Had some more sales on Trade-me and now today an email request from a customer for more! Yesss, so I’m busy making, maybe there’s a bonus in having three days off lol!. Just not when the bills come in sadly, but hey we’ll get there, when the going gets tough the tough get going right?
I hope everyone is enjoying the start of the silly season and not letting it stress you out, no matter how stressed you get it won’t change anything so may as well chill out and enjoy the ride.
As for me it’s back to my work-table…. fun to be had.
Happy Christmas

1 comment:

mandyb said...

glad you week is a little better!!!
hope your work stuff is sorted soon!!!

and well done on the card sales xx