Saturday, 29 December 2012

New Year, New Direction.

Well that was  Christmas! Some very cool bits, some crazy bits, these mainly at work. Christmas Day was huge, very busy, very hot and very successful, the only downer was having to get an ambulance for the lady who had a turn due to the heat. Apart from that it was very successful and there were many very happy people. But I shall say it again, I'm not doing next year, 6yrs is enough, it's time to actually enjoy Christmas with my people, someone remind me in 11 months time lol!
Anyway yesterday I had a "wind down" play and made this card.
I've had this stamp for a long time but always thought it would be very fussy, it wasn't and I love the result, she's very cute. A stamp by Nellie Snellen, perfect for baby cards and I've just had an order for a couple so she'll be perfect, really into the petty colours at the moment.
I'm hoping I get to see my sister next week, so there will be plenty of crafty time when she's here, late nights, lots of laughs and ideas flying, so cool.
Anyway in the meantime better get organised, working this arvo.
Have a great break everyone, enjoy the little things.

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mandyb said...

full on day by the sounds!!! was so so hot in welly!!! sheeshhh!!

love the card too