Wednesday, 27 February 2013

So Dunedin is going to have the only New Zealand Aerosmith concert? How amazing is that?
I think it would be amazing to go to a concert like that but it's the day before Scrapcamp, so I don't think it could happen.
The other thing is that if Aerosmith is coming maybe, just maybe my dream of the Rolling Stones could come true!!!!
Yeah I know unlikely but that would be so amazing, a dream come true.
I have got two days off now and it's just as well because I'm so tired I feel like I'm barely functioning, the temptation to take up residence on the couch is very strong but there has been wonderful feedback from the lady who bought my last order of cards and her family and friends are over the moon with them and there is a possibility of some ongoing orders so I think it's time to get organised and make some more. I have so many new stamps, dies and papers that I'm keen to try that it would be a good excuse to play, I definitely need the therapy and forget about work and all the drama it entails.
So a quick clean-up in the morning then into paper heaven......sounds like a plan.  

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