Wednesday, 27 March 2013

So it's nearly Easter and that means it's getting really close to Scrapcamp. I always look forward to this but this year it's even more special because my sister is coming back from Oz to come as well, which is going to be great.We went to Christchurch to spend time with her and to see her and her partner off from the airport last week when they went to Oz to live. What a big move and how exciting for them, I hope it's everything and more that they've dreamed of.
While we were in Christchurch we had a look around the parts of the city you can access and it's totally heartbreaking to see the empty areas where once stood a vibrant city.
I love their Restart mall, it's very cool and great to see that they have something good happening.
The malls are crazy busy on the outskirts of the city, and these are always exciting to see, makes our mall look a little bit small I must admit.
Anyway I totally admire the spirit of the people of Christchurch, I'm know there is still lots of sadness and despair but they are trying to rebuild their lives and that must take such guts and courage.
I'm going back at the end of April and I plan to try to see the parts we missed. 
I have some photos which I need to upload which I will do later.
Right now it's back to the everyday stuff,

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