Monday, 1 April 2013

I can't believe it's Easter already, so much seems to have happened in these few short months of the year. My sister and partner have moved to Oz to live, my niece of course already gone.The daily rush of chaos that I call work seems to grind on and the high point is that it still feels like summer, which of course makes it harder to believe that it's Easter.
Counting down to my sister coming back to come to Scrapcamp with me, wahoo it's Easter, roll on the 24th and she'll be here.
Really looking forward to Scrapcamp this year, well I always do but there are some special factors this year, the biggest being sharing it with my sister, but sadly this will probably be the last one we have so it's got to be great. And of course the fact that I've found my scrapping mojo again is a big factor, so many ideas going around my head that I can't wait to try.
But right now I have an order for a wedding card sitting on my work table waiting to be completed so must go and do while the idea is fresh.
Hope everyone has had a Happy Easter and for those going back to a short week at work ENJOY!!!!

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