Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Major Snow Day.

Well it's definitely winter here now, it started snowing over night and pretty much kept going all day. It's so cold outside I could hardly breath when I went out to take these photos.
It's been a roller-coaster couple of days, poor Gussie has not been at all well. Really sleepy, not eating and looking really unwell, but tonight we've had a breakthrough, he got down off the chair, had a little to eat then got up on the couch. When we came up to the lounge to sit by the fire, he came too and got up on a chair, where he's sleeping very happily. I'm cautiously optimistic that we might have dodged a bullet this time.
Apart from keeping a close eye on Gus today I've made a card that
is another order. This one is for a two year old who loves ducks, threw me for a while then I downloaded this gorgeous wee digi duck stamp and the rest just fell into place. I hope she likes it.
I'll upload a pic when I take one.But right now it's time for a cuppa and bed I didn't sleep much last night but hopefully I will tonight.

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