Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A Winter's Tale...

I haven't much felt like writing anything lately, well to be truthful what I've had to write about has been really sad and I couldn't face it but I feel now I have to record the fact that on June 8th our darling Gussie passed away. It was peaceful and it was quick, at around 8am he got off my bed and went up to my craft room, lay down beside his litter tray and made his way to heaven. I was beside him about two minutes after he got off my bed and he was already gone, he was peaceful and in no pain for which I'm extremely grateful.
We miss him so much, even now there isn't a day goes by without a tear, he was such a wonderful boy, and I will be eternally grateful that we were lucky enough to have him as long as we did, that we had the chance to give him a normal life and watch him explore what it was like to be a real cat.
I hope he has found his first Mum, I hope he's happy, and I hope they don't have cat shows in heaven because he got used to being a real boy.
Fly free my angel. xxxx

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Sandie Edwards said...

I am so glad your boy didn't suffer Liddy .... our animals are not just our pets, they become our family and loved as much .... know he'll be waiting for you over the raindbow bridge ... x