Thursday, 21 November 2013

Am I really Home Already?

Wow how the past week has flown, I have flown to Australia with my best friend, driven from Brisbane to Surfers Paradise, and back to Brisbane. We have explored the beaches, gone crazy over the shops, got lost driving at night, seen huge malls, wonderful shops, eaten great food but the biggest thing is we saw my darling niece graduate high school, and felt so proud and excited for her.
The graduation ceremony was held at the school in the morning and it was so uplifting and inspiring. The emotion level was very high I must admit, so proud to see my darling girl graduate high school.
But when it came to drama it had to be the ball at night. OMG! They went all out, it was a fairy tale event, held in a very beautiful hotel. The couples arrived in beautiful verteran cars, my niece and her partner, who is also her lovely boyfriend, in a blue and silver Impala. Her gorgeous black dress would have been at home on the red carpet at the Oscars. Everything was perfect except for the fact that only boys from the school were allowed to accompany the girls to the actual dinner and ball. Guests were welcome to stay for the presentation of the girls and then before the dinner and dance we were asked to leave, but what an experience, and of course what a huge night for the graduates.

I was so proud of our gorgeous girl, she just carried the whole thing off so well.
It was also lovely to meet her lovely boyfriend and some of her friends.
We went on to have many more adventures on the land of Oz, so watch this space.

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