Monday, 3 February 2014

Been a while........

Since I've posted anything on my poor neglected blog, but a lot has happened in my world. This gorgeous little girl came to live with is three weeks ago, her name is Miss Molly Moonlight and she is Gus's half sister. She is absolutely adorable and we love her to bits. She settled in perfectly and you'd think she'd lived here for ever.
Apart from that I've been busy with work as usual and have been trying to cram in some scrapping, well at the moment I'm into my two Smash books, one of our trip to Oz and one with kitten photos of Molly, it's a quicker form of scrapping and more "diary like" I guess.
Anyway apart from that life's been fairly busy but the best bits involve our darling Molly who right now is sitting beside me waiting to pounce on the keyboard!!!!!! Lol!

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