Wednesday, 28 May 2014

So Far it's Been an Eventful Week......

It snowed on Monday night and then froze, we had to get Molly to the vet early on Tuesday morning to be speyed and the vet is higher up the hill than we are..... but with nerves of steel we made it, a couple of scary moments but we got there.
That was almost the easy part, then we had to occupy ourselves until it was time to pick the wee girl up. I was pretty scared about how she would be, but she was dozey but fine, her wee tummy's shaved and she's got the tiniest little scar. She slept most of last night  and even today she's  pretty sleepy, but she's good really. It's going to be hard to leave her tomorrow and go back to work but at least Faye will still be here and she'll take good care of her.
I've been working on Sam's graduation album again and I've got three pages to do and then I can send it to her, I love it heaps and I hope she days. It's been awesome to do it for her the photos are gorgeous and everyone brings back so many memories. Might have to do one for myself.

Actually I need to do one for myself, it was such a special day and one I never want to forget.
But right now I think it's time for bed, back to work tomorrow.....another week begins.

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