Sunday, 5 July 2015

It's been a very pretty but cold Sunday.....

here today. The whole city seems to be in party mode after the Highlanders rugby team won the game last night making them the champions for the season. It was very weird being at ho,e watching it when normally I would have been at work, the hotel would have been packed to the gunnels, the restaurant would have been crazy before the game and I would have been freaking about how many we would get back to the bar afterwards. Not so last night, I sat here and watched the game, partly excited cos I could watch it and also sad that that episode of my life is now over.
I have no idea what I'm going to do next, after 30yrs in the hospo industry I'm not really up to speed with anything else, Also with all the uncertainty in my life at the moment it's very hard to commit to anything.  I want to be available to take care of my bestest friend but at the same time I need to earn a wage.
I've always thought that if my job disappeared I'd do something creative, use my talents with my crafts but that seems to be a hard road at the moment and the openings just aren't there.
However I'm not going to let it stop me doing my crafts, at least they give me something to focus on which I really need at the moment.
Also I've been knitting baby clothes for the local maternity hospital so at least I feel I'm doing something positive.

So that's about it for a cold grey Sunday arvo, tomorrow is a new day of a new week so onwards and upwards.
Have a great week!

PS. Miss Molly certainly has a very spoilt life, this is a shot of her apartment complex, right beside the fire.

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