Thursday, 18 June 2015

A Gloomy day in winter...

and I'm sitting here knowing I should be getting ready for work but really have no desire to do so. So much is happening at the moment that to be able to sit quiet for awhile is so precious.
My best friend of 47 yrs has just been diagnosed with cancer, now I'm not new to this having been diagnosed with Leukemia in 2001 and I have managed to beat it, but somehow watching someone you care about more than life itself is so hard. All you can do is be support and comfort but somehow it doesn't seem enough.
On top of that my job is going in a week and a half, the hotel I work in has been sold and the entire staff of 45 are out on the the street. Not great when it's winter and this city quietens down considerably in the tourist and traveller industry during this time. So there are very few employment opportunities around at the moment. But apart from this it means losing the workmates who have become friends to far and wide. So yeah I probably have reason to want to hunker down by the heater with Miss Molly and lose myself to Blogland.
Apart from all this heavy stuff, I have been enjoying knitting again, knitting baby clothes for the maternity ward at our local hospital. There is a huge need for little knitted items for the the new born babies, sadly so many Mums are not prepared when baby arrives for many reasons, and the hospital are very grateful to have a stash of warm little goodies. So if you are a knitter who loves to knit little quick things I urge you to consider this as a pastime.

So on the crafty front, I have been making a little book with inspiring sayings for when my friend goes into hospital. I'm really thrilled with it and must just do the cover. I got sidetracked because I ordered some of the mini Magnolia stamps and I have been experimenting with them. It takes a bit of getting used to the dimensions, but you have more landscape on your card to decorate so they are very cool.
The other delight of my life Miss Molly is growing so fast and has become a real "force to be reckoned with" lol! No, really she's a gorgeous little cat with bags of attitude, just love her to bits. She loves nothing more than to cuddle up with you and she's great company.
I also think the need to return to my blog stems from having a beautiful new laptop, it's gorgeous and the keyboard is just wonderful to use. I don't know, can one keyboard be better than another? Anyway the urge to write(or type) is definitely there.
So that's pretty much where life's at for me right now, so I'm going to now sign off and sneak in some browsing time looking at all the gorgeous cards on Pinterest. Oh and just a couple of pics of my latest cards and of course one of the Divine Miss M!
Ciao for now!

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