Sunday, 16 August 2015

Nothing like a miserable wet and foggy Sunday.....

to make you feel a bit blah but today this one's done the opposite for me, I've got stuck into the housework, lit the fire and got some washing on, I know it doesn't sound exciting but it's kept me going, stopped me sitting in a chair feeling sorry for myself so I'll take the win.

Speaking of wins, what a fabulous game of rugby last night between the All Blacks and the Australians, it was so exciting to watch and of course getting a win was the icing on the cake, here's hoping the Silver Ferns do as well this afternoon against Australia. What is it between our two countries that we can't stand to see them win? I have no idea but that rivalry is certainly strong.
It's hard to believe we are half way through August and nearly into spring, can't wait it's going to be exciting to not have to worry about ice at 6am when I go to work. I'm amazed at how I've adapted from working afternoon/night to starting at the crack of dawn! I actually enjoy being home afternoon and evenings, I love that I can go to bed once I'm tired and not have to fight through till 11pm, when I'd go home and suddenly be wide awake until around 2am, this definitely seems more natural.
When I decided to create this post I definitely had something on my mind to say but now that I've waited for the laptop to start up, chased Molly off the keyboard and gotten organised, the thought has gone. I hate this short term memory thingy that's going on at the moment it's horrible. I've been told it's a side effect of the Leukemia meds, it could also be side effects of the Heart Bypass, but whatever it is it's messing with my head. Starting a new job has been hard enough but adding this problem to the mix has been stressful to say the least. I've always considered myself to be a very organised "ahead of the game" kind of person, but lately I spend a lot of time second guessing myself, feeling embarrassed because I've forgotten something I've been told/shown etc or just not feeling my usual organised self, I really hope it's going to pass.
Anyway enough self pity, must go and organise the last load of washing.
Ltrs :)

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