Wednesday, 4 November 2015

I can't believe it's November,

So much has happened over the past few months, and I feel like my head is still spinning. What with my job ending with the closure of the hotel I worked in, and then being offered another job in another hotel and then after about 6 weeks, quitting that job to stay home and take care of my best friend it's no wonder some days I don't know if I'm Arthur or Martha. But in actual fact I don't regret any of it it's just hard getting my head around a new way of life. The hardest part of course is dealing with the fact that my best friend whom I have been friends with for around 47 yrs has cancer and there is no magic cure, nothing they can do to stop the pain, not with this version of this dreadful disease.
I have tried to throw myself into my crafts but even that I find difficult to focus on, I keep thinking if I could just lose myself in chaos of paper, stamps, photos and flowers I'd feel rejuvenated and ready to be strong again, which I really want to be for her but some times it's just so hard! Ok! enough self pity, thank you for letting me whinge and now I can get on with this post. 
So who has started their Christmas cards? I have been resisting the temptation because I have been trying to finish the album that I started, (what seems like months ago). It's just gorgeous, it's one of the versions on the internet by Kathy Orta. I am doing mine without too much embellishment because I want to focus on the photos. But it has lots of flips, envelopes and secret compartments, in which to tuck heaps of photos. I put it away because I was feeling guilty about the mess on the dining room table when we have been having so many visitors, I don't want Faye's bosses and work mates going away thinking she shares a house with a very messy crazy lady. :) 
One of the saving graces over the past few weeks has been being able to get up through the night and watch the All Blacks playing in and WINNING the Rugby world cup, that has been a great distraction.
The other positive has been  that Molly has had 24/7 company, no more being left here in the house for around 8hrs. a day on her own. She's loving the fact that the house is open on a warm day she can go and play on the deck, she has cuddles available 24/7 and of course she never has to worry about an empty food dish. Anyway thank you for letting me ramble out there in blog-land, I'm going to leave you with a few photos and go and try and finish this album.

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