Friday, 11 December 2015

So Life is What it Is.......

and I don't think anyone should judge from the outside how someone appears to live their life.

This thought has been in my head since the other day when a neighbor collared me as I got out of my car the other morning and started a normal neighborly conversation about the weather, being nearly Christmas etc etc, which was fine until it turned into her telling me how the front of our house hasn't  been painted since we moved in, how the garden needed some attention and a few other things. I smiled and joked about time not being my friend and money not being available in abundance, but all the while I was biting my tongue. All the while I wanted to scream at her...."Get off my back back you have no idea what we have gone through/ are going through.
During our time in our house we have dealt with redundancy, life threatening illnesses, the costs related to family funerals, and I think that's about the serious stuff. Then there's been the necessity of replacing and the running cost of a car and the upkeep and repairs to the inside of the house.
Yes it would be lovely to have the house looking amazing on the outside I quite agree, but on two female wages it's not that easy when life gets in the way.
Believe me I'm not complaining about my lot, I feel I am incredibly blessed. I have wonderful friends, I am lucky enough to have had my bestie since  my first day of my first job back in 1968, we have been through all the ups and down of life together and she has supported me through Leukemia and latterly a Heart Bypass operation, and now I'm helping her through a very serious illness which I pray every day we can beat, we have helped each other through the loss of parents and family moving overseas. I could go on but my point is one should not judge from the outside, we do not know how someone's life really is unless we know them really well.
So the outside of our house may not win a House and Garden show, my car really could do with being updated but I'm just grateful for the fact that the car still runs fine, the house is warm and cosy on the inside, we have some lovely furniture some new and some precious pieces from our families, but most of all the knowledge that I have the company and support of a wonderful friend and that means more to me than a house and garden from a picture in a magazine.
So dear blog thank you for letting me vent I feel much better now, so I will get on with my very busy day.

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