Wednesday, 18 May 2016

It's been a while...

since I have blogged. These days keeping in touch on Facebook seems to be the norm but I'v e missed blogging. Randomly writing about life's highs and lows, sharing ideas and in my case crafty creations oh and of course photos of a couple of beautiful fluff balls, ie cats.
So I have decided to reinvent the art of blogging. Maybe it has something to do with getting back to being able to indulge in my crafty hobbies. With taking early retirement I've found myself with time to play, also I'm not so tired that my creativity has packed it's bag and left town.
Of course, nothing comes easily, when I first tried to scrap again it was a disaster, nothing would come together, it looked terrible and so I gave up, but lately the old passion has come back and I've been wanting to get into it again. I have been finding my creative happy place, I have made three mini books for my family, and even now that they done and  in Australia, I haven't stopped. I am now onto another book and loving it. So I guess the moral to the story is even when everything seems dark and impossible, don't give up on finding that ray of sunshine that will get you through.

I guess looking at the silver lining, I've spent many a night at work, dreaming about being at home playing with paper and now I'm doing it, so the secret is I guess, make the most of whatever life throws at you.

And of course I get to spend time with this little sweetheart!

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