Thursday, 16 June 2016

It's Been A While....

but I've finally found my scrapping mojo. I just love sitting at my table and creating with paper and photos. Life is fairly scary and stressful at the moment so sitting at my table and losing myself in paper and photos for a while is good therapy. 
I've gone back to a simpler form of scrapping, focusing more on featuring on the photos and not so much on tricky techniques. I'm enjoying featuring the papers and trying different ways to best feature the photos.
For a long time I got into lots of techniques and lost the joy of featuring the photos and telling the story behind them.
I've been enjoying experimenting with more modern brighter papers, I usually go for the more vintage papers but right now I'm into simple and happy, (wish my life was more like that right now).
This page features my darling niece when she was about six years old, it seems such a long time ago so I really enjoyed reminiscing while I worked on this page. I guess that's where scrap-booking started, recording memories, telling stories and saving precious photos.
It's good to get back to the basics, and not be so side-lined by the fancy techniques, but enjoying the memories and making the most of the photos and in this layout's case reminiscing, dreaming about back when my darling niece was this little girl,  I guess this was the original reason we started scrap-booking!  So lets get back to basics and enjoy the journey.

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