Friday, 24 June 2016

Buzz Friday.

Well the town is buzzing, there's not a room to be had in any hotel or motel in our city, why you ask? Because the All Blacks are playing Wales here tomorrow night and as you may or may not know, New Zealand is a very rugby orientated country, and nothing causes a stir like an international game.
It brings back good and bad memories for me, having worked in hotels that hosted, at different times, the All Blacks and the visiting overseas teams. During those occasions I met some wonderful people, had great conversations with some of very famous All Blacks, had some great laughs with some of the overseas players, even did a few late night drop offs in town for some of the players who wanted to party.
I had the advantage you see because with being older than the other staff, they were not threatened by me in any way, looked on me as another Mum, and they were just really good times.
I also met wonderful supporters from England, Ireland, Wales and South Africa. I treasure the good memories, and forget the stress of making it all work, the incredibly late nights, the stress of making it all work, I just remember the best bets because they're the bits that we enjoy, that inspire us and make us smile....and sometimes in life all we need is something to make us smile.
If you are reading this, I hope something makes you smile today, because if one little thing can make us smile then it's a good day!

Have a great day wherever you are.


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