Monday, 4 July 2016

Ice Ice Baby!

Well winter is here with the vengeance! It's absolutely freezing, really icy outside too cold to have the door open but Miss Molly has been stamping her little paws and giving me "that" look until I buckled and opened the deck door for her so that she could go out on the deck and check for herself that I'm not lying, that it really is too cold for those precious little paws to walk across the deck!
The good think about a morning like this is that we will get a pretty, bright day. The sun is already breaking through and by lunch time it will be bearable....almost.
 I think after all the frost this morning, it's timely to remember warmer times, this photo was taken on a holiday to Surfer's Paradise and one of the many layouts I've been doing lately. My scrapping style has changed and I'm going for a simpler style and I like it. Instead of spending days on one page I've found I can get a couple done in the quiet moments of a day....well that's on a day when there is quiet moments. If there's one thing I've learnt over the past few months it's that when you're caring for someone who is ill life is very busy. There's the hospital visits, the hospital stays, the xrays and the blood tests. There's the good days and then there's the bad days when nothing you do can bring relief and comfort to the poor person who's ill, so you make endless cups of tea and try to distract them from  the pain.

  This morning I started reorganizing my scrap area to try and make it tidier ( since it's actually our dining room and connected to the kitchen), and to make it more user friendly. I get tired of searching through draws trying to find things, usually by the time I find what I'm looking for, I've forgotten what I was going to do with it lol! I know, pathetic to be concerned about, but when so much is going on any little pleasure is precious.
     So this morning I'm making cards, I've fallen in love with my Magnolia stamps again so it's a good distraction. Of course it raises the all time question of what do I do with them once they're done! It's nice to have a few on hand for birthdays and the occasions when you want a card but on the whole it would be nice to find something useful to do with the excess! Oh well something to work on I guess, but right now I'm going to lose myself at my table.

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