Thursday, 3 November 2016

November.....all ready?????

So it seems impossible to believe that it's already November, this year has gone so fast, it's been a difficult year and there has been some sad times and sadly I know there will be more, but today I'm focusing on the good stuff, the happy stuff, the stuff that makes me happy. 
I have systematically turned our deck into a bright oasis to enjoy from the living room or on a nice day go out and sit and enjoy. Clearly for Molly it was one of those days today, she loved "taking time to smell the flowers".
My next goal is to add some lights, I need to get some solar ones that just appear in the evening after a sunny day. I know it will be lovely to look at from the living room and hopefully we'll get a few of those.
So I guess I'm practicing the "art of diversion", but sometimes we have to, it's the only way to cope with the hard stuff, the grownup stuff, believe me there's something to be said focusing on the good bits, even when they are minute in comparison to the big stuff.
Right now Molly and I are going to go back out to "play" on the deck. 

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