Saturday, 4 February 2017

February All Ready!

Well I haven't updated my blog since  November and one of the things I said in my last post was" although things were hard then, I knew there was worse to come" and come they did. Even though I had known for some time that my best friend was going to lose her battle with cancer, deep down I kept hoping for a miracle, that somehow they'd find a way to beat it but of course it wasn't possible and the inevitable happened. Life changed forever and and somehow I have to adjust to that. I have had wonderful support from family and some very special friends, but it still hurts big time and I think it always will. You really couldn't be friends, part of each other's families for 48yrs and it not hurt. So now it's getting used to a very different life, without that soul mate being there, sharing everything, the good and the bad, the highs and the lows.
I have no idea how to do this, but I'm trying and I guess that's the main thing.
So in terms of getting any crafty stuff done, I've only just ventured back to my table. I've gone on a card making mission with a view to doing some local markets. I'm not relying on selling heaps, but it's giving me a sense of direction, a reason to make cards, to sit at my table and lose myself for awhile. I gave a selection to an Animal Welfare group to sell at a couple of markets they're doing. They've only done one of the markets so far so I'll be interested to get an update, I guess they'll wait till they do the second one.
I have booked into a small Saturday market myself in about a month so I'll see how that goes. Apart from that Molly (cat) and I are learning how to get through the day now that I no longer work and we don't have our wonderful friend.

Miss Molly has grown so much and I guess now is fully grown, she's totally adorable and although not the cuddliest of cats, will sit beside me for ages on the couch happy to have the occasional tummy rub, as long as it's her idea. Yep she's the boss :) 
So now that I've decided to update my blog, I really can't think of anything else to say, typical of me right now, the concentration of a gnat lol!
Hopefully next time I update my blog I'll have some cards to show, because now that I've committed to doing this market I better get some stock to sell.

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