Thursday, 14 December 2017

Have A Neenish Tart Dear?

It's funny how something can take you back to another time, I time so different from the present that it's almost like an alternative life.!!!!!

Let me explain, yesterday when I did the shopping I was attracted by this packet of Neenish Tarts, now if you don't know what they are they are a little cake, a little shortcrust case like you'd have on a apple tart, the filling is white and creamy , I'm unsure what's in it but it's very nice. The top is iced half and half with white and chocolate flavoured icing.

I'd never had a Neenish tart until I was 16 and had started work and met my wonderful friend Faye whose Mum had invited me up to their house one Saturday to meet the rest of the family, I must add here that these Saturday visits resulted in me being unofficially adopted into the family and becoming her "third daughter', but that is a whole other story. However back to this story, this particular Saturday afternoon one of the girls Aunties came for the afternoon. I was fascinated by her, she was the quintessential 1940's lady, (this was 1968 I  must add) she wore this wonderful coat with a fur collar, a hat and she removed her gloves before she shook my hand on being introduced to me and of course brought something to add to afternoon tea..... Neenish Tarts.
The table was laid with a beautiful cloth, gorgeous vintage china and I was totally over-awed, my Mum's family had some lovely china, tablecloths etc but they didn't come out on a very ordinary Saturday. Anyway back to the Neenish tarts, after the tea was poured the plate of little tarts was passed around and just because of proximity it was Auntie Alice who offered me the plate saying " a wee Neenish dear?" I looked around the table desperately looking for an answer, what in the world was a Neenish! Faye's Mum, who I must say became my "second Mother" and I loved so much, looked at me with a wicked twinkle in her eye, and said " Have a wee cake Lovey-dear, you'll like it", and with a sigh of relief I took one and and discovered that yes a "wee Neenish" was nice and I did like it and somehow that was the start of a wonderful Alliance between darling "Ret" and me.
It's funny how food can take you to another place and another time, but that was a lovely memory for my wee Neenish tart to take me back to.

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