Friday, 9 March 2018

March Musings.

Well here we are in March and I haven't updated my blog since December! I guess that's a sad indictment on how my life is at the moment, nothing much happening or to talk about and the adapting process continues.

It's definitely starting to feel Autumnal here in my little corner of New Zealand, I've noticed I cringe when my little Molly decides she wants the door open to go out and play on the deck....the problem here is that if she's out there she doesn't like the door shut. She comes and sits at the glass door, peering in at me with a look that say's " I knew it! You hate me,  you didn't you'd leave the door open for me and FREEZE while I amuse myself out here. But oh well she's worth it, she's such a sweetheart really, I can't complain.

I have started to prepare myself for my trip to Oz in April, to attend my darling niece's wedding in Surfers. I'm not the keenest flyer but for my baby it will all be worth it, well that's my mantra and I'm sticking to it, even starting to believe it lol!
Of course the other issue is that Molly will have to go into a cattery and she ain't so keen about those places but I've found one that's run by a lady I know so hopefully it'll be ok, no, positivism It will be ok!
I actually can't believe how luck was on my side flight wise, because I go to Oz the week after Ed Sheeran is performing here in Dunedin at Forsyth Barr Stadium and the flights are all totally choca! Dunedin is completely booked out accommodation wise, and still there are people looking for somewhere to stay! It's crazy, nothing happens here that often but when it does Dunedin goes off like a rocket, they are even painting a Mural of Ed on a brick wall in one of our oldest streets, Bath street, to commemorate his visit.
So yes life is about to get turned upside down, and I get the spend time with my family, sooo excited about that part, to see my niece married to her lovely fiance is going to be special.
Of course I still miss my darling friend, not a day goes by that I don't think of her and wish she was here, even more since this wedding has come onto the horizon, she adored Sam and it was mutual, I know she'll be there in spirit  but I'd so love to share it with her and see that beautiful smile as she enjoyed every minute of the adventure. Watching her face during the flight on our last trip to Oz was magical, for all I hate it, she just beamed the whole time, every bump was a thrill to her, that girl loved adventure that's for sure.

Well it looks like it going to pour with rain, so I better go and wrangle that little furbaby in off the deck before she's soaked to the bone!

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