Friday, 6 July 2007

Here we go again

Well we certainly know it's winter this year, another snowfall last night made the trip home less than fun. And even now the roads are white and crunchy, making me a little nervous about going to work or more so coming home late tonight. But then I guess that's just part of the fun of living on a hill in Dunedin where it is cold in winter.
However I seem to be very curious about all things "geeky" at the moment keep playing with creating a website and learning all that that entails. I'm not sure why but I think it's part of this dream I have of making personalised books for people using all things scrappy. I would so love to be able to make and sell these because this is a hobby that I love and I would like to share, and I do have a dream of making a business from something I love. However that will just have to "simmer away" until I can make it a reality.
Right now th reality is that I better go and see if I can actually move my car up the hill.

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