Wednesday, 24 October 2007

So Disappointed

Grrrrrrr! I thought by today I would be playing with our new Cricut Expression, even offered to do some page titles for a scrapbook one of the girls at work is doing for her Mum's b/day this weekend....but no! I found out this morning that the shop where it was ordered had not received their supply, the order had been lost and now no idea when the next shipment will be coming into the country. Sooooo gutted, a friend of mine got hers from another supplier early last week but I kept holding on thinking about the fact that hers had been couriered and mine was coming by train so that would take longer etc etc, been really patient (well for me anyway). But then this morning,when I faced the fact that the shipment arrived in the country Mon week ago,even I couldn't rationalise the delay, so I rang the shop to be told about how the order had been lost etc etc. So disappointed on so many levels, not sure quite what to do now. There is another shop downtown that has them in stock but I feel a sense of loyalty to the first shop as she is a friend. Oh boy d'ya get the feeling that I just need to vent??? Yeah yeah you'd be right.
On another level I keep thinking maybe I'm better to forget buying a Cricut
and go and get the paint, lights curtains etc for the kitchen/dining room???? But then I have all these ideas for home decor if I get the Cricut.... sometimes I hate being a grownup, I'm no more patient than I was forty yrs ago LOL.
On another subject the weather is horrible here at the moment, yesterday 130km winds, today thunder, rain hail and flicks of snow and more wind... so over it, but I keep telling myself be grateful we don't live in California. How awful must that be, those dreadful fires. I keep thinking about those people and they are definitely in my prayers. The world seems a very crazy place at the moment, I keep thinking about that movie Happy Feet, I think that's why I found it disturbing, it's actually truly what is happening to our world. Note to self: Be more vigilant with the recycling.
Hasn't been much crafting going on around here at the moment, what with the spring cleaning and the waiting for the Cricut the mojo has gone. Thinking about moving the craft room isn't helping either oh well, it'sll be worth it in the long run.
Well better go to work, my head is spinning at the moment.

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