Monday, 3 December 2007

Whoa! It's December...

Can't believe that it's the 3rd of December. Where oh where has the year gone? So crazy. My Mum always used to say that time flew when you got older.....another thing you've been right about Mum.
Well our Cricut Expression arrived on Friday, and I was actually working at my friends Scrapbook shop when the courier arrived, she should have been wearing a Santa hat cos I couldn't have been more excited.
Had only a short time to play cos of work etc but yesterday I had a ball. Can't believe what it can do and I know I've only scratched the surface. Cut some fairly strong chipboard tags yesterday without a moments hassle, just so excited.
Was at a scrap day on Saturday and it was so much fun, it really is true that scrappers are a great bunch cos the fun is in the helping and sharing and joy of seeing everyone create their ideas, and seeing their pleasure in finishing a project.
Work is getting busier but not as busy as past years, I really do think people have let Christmas sneak up on them this year...bit scared about the next few weeks could get crazy LOL.
I haven't even thought of presents yet but then I love the hustle and bustle of the last minute rush.
Anyway "Buggy" is sitting in the corner looking lonely so I must go and play.


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=) It's funny - wthen in New Zealand 08:26 already, and 3rd of December, in Russia only 2rd of Desember, 22:50 =)