Monday, 24 March 2008


Wahoo! I've had 1000 people visit my blog, this is so cool. I love that the world of Blogging makes the world a much smaller place and it's so easy to share ideas, opinions etc with people around the world as easy as opening your computer. Without the internet I probably never would have discovered Scrap booking, and certainly wouldn't have seen so many amazing pages, ideas etc etc.
I can still remember back in 2002, while searching for Rubber Stamp ideas I found some scrap layouts and nearly went nuts, couldn't stay away from them for days. We couldn't get any scrappy stuff here in NZ at all, so I improvised, and oh boy were some of those early layouts terrible, the combination of lack of supplies and the effects of being on very nasty Leukemia medication, made for some very horrible disasters, but I persevered and now have more supplies than I can ever hope to use LOL.
Anyway must go and complete a layout for a challenge I signed on for, it's due by midnight tonight..... I know those that know me a muttering about "procrastinating", but not really just warming up.
Yesterday was such an awesome day I'm going to use this photo I took at Kaka Point, on the track to the lighthouse. It was so awesome being on that track, because I have a real fear of heights and for some reason I just felt so peaceful it was wonderful.
I'm lucky to have such great friends that make me want to try harder to conquer my fears, especially if it's something I know they love to do.
Anyway back to the layout.

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