Sunday, 23 March 2008

An Awesome Day

What an awesome day... can it really be March? We drove to Kaka Point and then onto to Nugget Point then June and I walked the track to the Lighthouse, Whoa was that amazing or what? On the side of a cliff looking down into the water where the seals were playing in the sun.
Afterwards back to Kaka Point for the biggest ice-cream in the world and then slowly back home, stopping at all the beaches along the way. It was just the most perfect day, so warm and bright, just amazing.
I really feel like I've had a mini holiday, can't wait for the camera batteries to charge so that I can upload the photos, they should be amazing.
I think I have the perfect one to scrap for the Easter Challenge that I've signed up for.
However that is all to be doing tomorrow now it's time to sleep, and dream about my perfect day.

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