Sunday, 27 April 2008

Four Seasons

Went to see a wonderful movie today, it was based on Vivaldi's Four Seasons, and follows different musicians performing it, it featured Tokyo, New York, Northern Australia and Finland. Each season was in a different place, I never realised our beautiful Tokyo is, just gorgeous, and the number of people in the parks was just amazing. New York was awesome and featured Autumn, wow I love this city. Have wanted to go there since I saw Breakfast at Tiffany's when I was 10, one day one day.LOL. The winter piece was filmed in Finland, OMG do they have snow! It looked so amazing but soooo cold. And of course the music was amazing, I just love Vivaldi and Four Season's is my favourite.
And now I can smell my dinner burning, so LTR.

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Lil' ol' me said...

Hi thanks for your comments on my blog. I am pretty certain that it was Placido Domingo that held the door open for me at the recording studio but Im not 100% sure. I do know it wasnt Pavarotti though, I knew who he was even back then and I would have never have forgotten him!
Love your blog, I check it out most days.