Saturday, 31 May 2008

No fear

This little 6x6 l/out I've done for the album I'm going to do entitled "Life's little Moments". Just pics taken on random subjects, and whatever takes my fancy at the time. This one I took at a cafe in the Octagon, a little bird sitting on the chair rail beside me waiting for a crumb and I was as calm as could be. I waited for the panic attack and it never came, I just enjoyed the little fat fellow sitting beside me and shared my muffin, me who would go hysterical if a bird came near me, maybe I'm finally growing up! Lol. Anyway I guess the big test will be the next time I have to face one in the house, cos last time I made a complete fool of myself.
Love the colors in this one but can't remember what paper it is, I'll search my scrap draw.
BTW the Cricut Expression does cut Grungeboard just have to have it on Max pressure and the blade up to 6. It slipped a bit on the mat but I think the mat is getting a bit tired.

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