Monday, 12 May 2008

Title Wanted!

I came home from Scrapbook Paradise with some new goodies last week and just had to sit down and play, within half an hour I'd made a little accordion book out of some delicious new pink paper from the Basic Grey new line "Sulty", it's such a gorgeous pink roughed around the edges with soft brown, well it goes absolutely gorgeous with the S.E.I. range Jolie Chocolat, and of course it has it's own die cut sheet. But now that I've got the book ready to play I'm stuck for a theme, I was thinking of little handbag book when I started but I kinda lost the "train of thought" as it were. Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted....I just want to play with this stuff LOL.
Work was horrendous yesterday (Mother's Day), we had a few tables booked for lunch, but a few of the house guests, who hadn't checked out), decided to eat too, the Restaurant Supervisor had let her wait person go early and so I ended up in there helping her.
New restaurant, different clientele, lack of staff, and I ended up doing 40 peeps on my own, she was trapped behind the coffee machine because lunch/brunch they all wanted coffee. Phew! I managed to get to the end of it, nearly lost it when one table complained because their 8yr old ordered the pancakes (with several modifications I might add), and then she burst into tears because the berry juice from the blue berries and raspberries had stained her pancakes! My God! Am I just a hard old bag who doesn't understand kids (don't have any) or was she just a little madam? Anyway the day ended and I resolved that even with days like that the new job is so worth it, because of all the different hours I work, with like this week< I have three days off together. I get to not work every night, and the pressure usually is nowhere as great.
MMMM life is always about taking the good with the bad eh?
Speaking of which off to hang out the washing.

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dallasnz said...

woah, what a wee madame! You'd think at 8, you'd get over something like that!! How have you got on with your new goodies?? Hope you've got some ideas - and we'll get to see it on Sunday!!