Friday, 16 May 2008


Wow the time sure does fly, it's Friday already. I'm loving the variety in this new job, not the same start time the same days every week, I feel like I'm on holiday most of the time, but I'm actually working more hours, it's really funny and gooood!
I'm working at the shop today,(Scrapbook Paradise) looking forward to that cos it's really busy at the moment, lots of new lines coming in, heaps of clear stamps (had to succumb to the new Kelly Pannacci ones yesterday), I only went over to arrange for the key but I couldn't leave without them. I learnt my lesson last week, there was a set with birds and owls, I went back the next day and they were gone, hope there are more coming cos they were very cool. It's a real joke me wanting bird stamps because all my life I've had a real bird phobia, but lately I've gone nuts on birds, even let the parakeet at the local pet shop sit on my shoulder while I wandered around, poor Faye couldn't believe her eyes, I think she was waiting for me to freak out but I was very calm and happy to have him there.
What a sad week it's been, what with that dreadful earthquake in China and that dreadful tragedy in Myanmar, it makes one extremely grateful for the peace in your own life. No matter how chaotic my life has been over the years I thank God that I've never had to endure something like these tragedies, it certainly puts thing in perspective.
To lighter things, Scrap Sunday this week, I'm working till 10.30 but I'll be packed and ready to go and even better it's just down the road.
Well better go get ready and go play shop!

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