Saturday, 24 May 2008

Winter is here

Winter is definitely here now, it's really cold and threatening snow. But the big scary for me this week is the fact that petrol has finally risen to $2.00 litre, thanks heavens I have my economical wee car, if I still had the station wagon I'd have to carry it everywhere.LOL.
Certainly makes you think about driving around for no reason eh?
Been another busy week, work at the hotel, work at the shop and yes some time to play, it's great that I feel there is so much variety in my life now. Scrap Sunday last week was very cool and I got a couple of layouts done, not quite finished but the inspiration was certainly flowing.
I have another one on my desk at the moment waiting for a title, did it for Scrapboxnz's monthly challenge, really happy with it but have the silly problem of not wanting to cover the paper with a title.... maybe ghost letters!
Anyway going to work at 6 tonight so must go and get something done.
Keep warm.

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