Monday, 16 June 2008

Is this really winter?

It's beautiful out on my deck, just sat out there and had a cup of tea and I can't believe how "not cold" it is, ok it isn't summer but usually by this time of year sitting out there would be crazy, but this morning it's really nice.
It's been an amazing, recharge weekend. Last week was huge, I felt like I was on the run the whole time, by Friday night I was totally exhausted. I should have been at our scrap day yesterday, and I missed the day with the girls but the "chill time" was amazing. I walked into my scrap room yesterday morning and my mind just went blank, I had no idea what I needed to take with me, no creative buzz at all. I haven't touched a thing for over a week so I was completely clueless......well yes more than normal. So I decided to stay home and just see where the day took me, it took me to planting a rose in a pot on the deck, redoing all the pots and creating a really cool "winter garden" on the deck, this morning when I sat out there I felt better, recharged and ready for the week.... phew. How do you ladies do it who do all the things I do as well as look after kids? You are my heroes I don't know how you do it to be honest.
Yesterday I took some pics after my planting session, that it'll give me something to scrap LOL.

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