Sunday, 8 June 2008

It's Cold!

OMG! Winter is definitely here, it snowed last night and boy is it cold. The park was white this morning when I opened the curtains, seems like only yesterday I was looking at the same scene, but wait no that was last year, time sure does fly.
It's so quiet at work now, last night was so dead, feel like taking some scrapping to do, kinda wish I had a laptop (mmmm) I could do some digital or check out ideas.LOL. Maybe I should wait until I've been there a bit longer before I do any of this, but boy oh boy it's tempting. I haven't had much time to scrap this week and I've got heaps of ideas running around my brain, hopefully tomorrow. I so want to play with the Cricut cart Indie Art, after making that guitar I just want to try some other things, never mind it'll happen, but right now must go and get lunch.

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tanyaleigh said...

It sure is cold, isn't it? That guitar is pretty cool.