Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Waiting to go to Work.

Isn't it crazy when you are waiting to go somewhere and you know you've got time to do something but you're scared to start unless you forget the time? That's where I'm at right now, don't go to work till 5 today and since I came back from taking the girls to work I feel like I'm filling in time, really want to get back to that Exploding Box album I'm working on but scared I'll forget the time. However I've updated my Blog List to the new wizz bang version that Blogger have come with, it shows when blogs I visit have been updated so it's kinda cool.
Anyway the other thing that's really cool is that I've discovered that you can "re- sticky" you're Cricut mats, ah yes that's right it really works. Spray your tired mat with a good quality re-position-able adhesive, let it dry and voila you've got a brand new mat. I tried it over the weekend and it really works. The last pack of mats I bought hardly stuck at all causing much frustration but now they hold real good.
Also played in Design Studio ( yes it's working again) and Faye designed a butterfly border using the butterfly from Indie Art, it turned out gorgeous so keen to try some more, funny how you don't really appreciate something until it won't work eh?
I used the Butterfly border on the cover of the book I'm doing on just every day moments that are special, trying to do a page a day but that's not working so it might be a page a week. LOL.
Anyway did this page on Monday after planting a rose in a pot on the deck, really excited about having my deck garden again.
But now it's time to run.... new I'd forget the time....outta here.

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