Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Scrap Camp Map

Ok this is a map of how to get to Scrap Camp, Carol has posted instructions on the Scrap Camp blog, and yesterday Faye and I went for a drive out there and found this way so Faye has done this map for us. The red line is the route and the red X marks the spot where it's going to be fun fun crazy fun.... can you tell I'm excited??? It was so gorgeous out there yesterday, there is going to be some amazing photos I'd say.
Anyway off to post my layout for the "Better Scrapbooking"'s a wee bit late I'm afraid to say, didn't bargain for going to work on Monday did I?
Oh and by the way, regarding out new mall, "Wall Street", I have it on good authority that there is in fact going to be 18 shops in all, and Mojo's coffee shop. Should be all up and going by beginning of I may have rubbished it too soon... so excited again. LOL
PS. If you click on the map it comes up bigger.

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